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Listed below are the latest reports published by Global. If you need to view any reports prior to this period, please go to the  Global Research Archive.


 Ticker  Company  Research Name Recommendation  Date
Saudi Stock Market (Tadawul) Tadawul All Share Index - TASI-4170-1120 8/2/2016
Kuwait Stock Exchange Kuwait Stock Exchange Index - KWSE - BURG - FOOD 7/2/2016
Egyptian Stock Exchange EGX 30 Index - EGX-COMI-ETEL 4/2/2016
Oman Stock Market MSM 30 Index -- MSI-GECS-BKSB 3/2/2016
UAE Stock Market UAE Stock Market -ADI-ADIB-NBAD 2/2/2016
Saudi Stock Market (Tadawul) Saudi Stock Market -TASI-6060-2210 1/2/2016
Kuwait Stock Exchange Kuwait Stock Market -KWSE-BPCC-NIND 31/1/2016
Egyptian Stock Exchange Egypt Stock Market -EGX-HRHO-AMER 28/1/2016
Qatar Stock Market Qatar Stock Market -QSI-GISS-QEWC 27/1/2016
UAE Stock Market Dubai Stock Market -DFMGI-ENBD-DSI 26/1/2016


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